Western Force to trial new laws including seven-point try

Western Force were cut from Super Rugby by the Australian Rugby Union last year

Western Force were cut from Super Rugby by the Australian Rugby Union last year

Western Force are hoping to ‘revolutionise the way rugby is played’ after closed law trials were approved for all of their home matches in the World Rugby Series.

Following a request from Rugby Australia, World Rugby have allowed the use of rules designed to increase the pace of the game and generate extra excitement starting with Friday’s clash with Fiji Warriors in Perth on Friday.

Among the changes is the allocation of seven points every time a ‘power’ try is scored – a touch down that is launched from inside the attacking team’s 22 with no break in continuity.

Flashing lights on the goalposts will indicate when a power try is possible and if one is scored then the standard conversion attempt will follow.

Further law adjustments will enable teams to take line-outs as quickly as they like, scrums must take no longer than a minute and a total of 12 substitutions can be made throughout the match.

“What you will see in the World Series Rugby matches this year has the potential to revolutionise the way rugby is played, but it is only the beginning of how we are thinking about the future of this great game,” Force chief executive Nick Marvin said.

“All the feedback we are receiving – from diehard fans, players, officials and the wider community – is that something needs to change, and we are prepared to be the ones to lead the way.”

The Force, who were removed from Super Rugby last year, are to play a series of games against representative teams from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Hong Kong between May and August.

“Approval was granted subject to the fact that this is a unique one-off trial and a full detail statistical analysis of the outcomes will be presented to us by Rugby Australia following the conclusion of the series,” a World Rugby statement read.

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